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irene_photo Irene Zeleskou  is located in Athens,Greece and expertises in the field of advertising and game art.

my services include amongst other:
3d modeling/texturing/animation, book cover illustrations, concept art, matte painting, GUI design, CD covers/booklet, Corporate Identity and logo designs, poster,  digital photo retouching, photo manipulation, flash banner and icons..  . I am foremost a CG artist, though I often experiment with different kinds of digital and traditional media in order to achieve the best expression of myself in each particular artwork.  I am currently looking for a challenging position that will make the most of my experience and skills, as well as my education and professional background.

the past:
For as long as I can remember, there has never been a time that I was not taking pen or brush in hand and drawing something in the margins of a book or sculpting characters from an imaginary world with bits of clay. My early obsession with shiny objects and intense colors matured into a creative torrent of jewels, figures and ornaments constructed from wires and beads. In those days before my transition to digital, I also found creative release in the many dreamy landscapes I painted on canvas.

My first inspirations for wanting to work professionally in computer graphics came from my love of watching creative movies and TV shows (mainly adventures, fantasy and sci-fi), as well as TV commercials and video clips. I created my own interpretations of their visual effects. It was while studying primary school teaching at the University of Patras that I began to seriously pursue my interest in graphics. My university teachers, like my high school teachers before them, encouraged me to further cultivate my natural artistic skills. Finally acquiring a good computer in 2002 meant gaining entrance into the wonders of the digital world. In 2005 I became a professional, my artistic pursuits having become my career.  I began by taking commissions on artistic icons and banners for several online communities and individuals. This prompted me to improve my drawing skills and sparked a revival in my interest in making my own animated short films.

Self-taught until the age of 22, I decided that, having committed to being a professional graphic designer and 3D animator, I should deepen my formal education in those chosen fields. I did so courtesy of a scholarship at Domi College in Athens. My studies there aided me enormously in my composition skills and in developing new ways to express my artistic urge.

the present:
Most recently, my short films, "My World" and "Pain", were chosen to be featured in the Athens Video Art Festival. Also i am working on my 3D short film called "Robo Q".  I am currently occupied in Aventurine S.A as a 3d artist, but i am always available for freelance projects especially for game art concepts/character art/2d and 3d visualisations.

In my spare time,  I indulge in my hobbies of macro-photography, playing video games, yoga, watching movies, painting and swimming.

Ειρήνη Ζελέσκου